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Be Your Best Self, & Create the Career of Your Dreams!

In today’s fast-paced world, it can feel impossible to achieve the success you desire without the perpetual feeling of stress. That doesn't have to be the case.

When you work from your talent base, the way you were designed, your contributions are valued and you are offered more of the work you love to do. Your authentic confidence grows, your profile rises, you stop caring about the opportunities that aren't right for you and you naturally magnetize the people and opportunities that are right for you. That is the cycle of competence. 

That is the Power of Brand Your Brilliance.

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What is Brand Your Brilliance?

Created by communication and strategy expert, Kimberly Gerber, Brand Your Brilliance is an innovative personal marketing program designed to help leaders identify and clarify their CORE talents, and use them to create compelling value within their organizations. 

When you become known and valued for what you love to do, everything gets better. The goal of this coaching program is to transform good leaders into exceptional leaders. Leaders who are self-aware, who desire to contribute at their highest level and who are eager to help others do the same. By equipping people with self-awareness, advanced communication skills and authentic confidence, Brand Your Brilliance leaders can be their best, recieve the best and create their best impact.


  • Strategic Personal Coaching 
  • In-Depth Talent Assessments
  • Personal Marketing Plan
  • Executive Presence Coaching
  • Custom Image & Style Guide
  • Your Marketing Collateral Completed: Intro, CV, Soundbites
  • Mindset Coaching to Motivate and Sustain Success!

Meet Kimberly Gerber

Kimberly is the CEO of Excelerate, an executive strategy and communication coaching firm based in Irvine, CA. Leveraging a rich background as Marketing Director for world-class companies like Starbucks Coffee and Fleetwood Enterprises, Kimberly is an innovative and engaging communication strategist whose teaching reshapes thinking, creates opportunities and produces transformational results for her clients.

With a mission to increase the authentic confidence of leaders worldwide, Kimberly offers a refreshing blend of keen insight, honesty and practical wisdom. When working with Kimberly, leaders become incredible communicators who have an exceptional impact on their teams, their organizations and their own lives.  

Kimberly Gerber Executive Communication Coach

Become Known and Valued for the Work You Love to Do. 

In BYB Coaching, You Will... 

DISCOVER the unique blend of talents that make you brilliant. 

STRATEGIZE how to utilize your talents to optimize your impact and position yourself for advancement.

SUCCEED in being a leader that others respect and build a profitable following for life!

Brand Your Brilliance Works! Here's What Our Graduates Are Saying

Amanda VP Brand Marketing 

"This program is awesome. I started after being promoted to director with the goal of becoming VP within 2 years. With a personal brand strategy and daily actions I was able to build the confidence and credibility I needed to achieve that promotion in less than ONE year! I could not have done it without Kimberly!”

Gary VP Operations 

“I am grateful for the work I have done with Kimberly. Brand Your Brilliance has been the greatest personal growth experience of my career. I appreciate her insight into my strengths and opportunities, and she was able to help me see myself the way other people do. As a result, I am able to create better experiences for others and build powerful social capital. I even got the VP-level promotion I wanted.”

Susan CEO

“Kimberly is an amazing strategist and coach. I was at a place in my career where I needed to refresh my brand and Kimberly was masterful in helping me understand and highlight my best attributes in a way that made me comfortable and helped me achieve success in my business.”

Crystal VP of Corporate Communications & PR 

"Kimberly is absolutely one of the most incredible people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and I am forever thankful for her counsel and support through this program. It’s amazing to look back at where I was compared to where I am today."

David Company Partner 

"From the beginning, Kimberly Gerber calmly and competently provided our team with a roadmap of where we needed to go and how to get there. She helped us navigate our difficult patches with endless patience and expertise. It was a pleasure working with her."  

Maia VP of Sales 

"When I first heard that I was being assigned an executive coach, I was at once thankful for the opportunity and somewhat apprehensive, not knowing what to expect. My apprehension quickly vanished as my trust and confidence in you grew. Your approach to coaching with complete, yet professional and compassionate honesty, is perfect for my communication style. I’ll be forever grateful for the coaching your provided and most grateful for your support of me personally."

The Brand Your Brilliance Difference

Brand Your Brilliance is a comprehensive personal-marketing success program. BYB is NOT a do-it-yourself, cookie-cutter coaching program, where you are left on your own trying to navigate your way through content and application alone. It is the coaching process we've used with executive-level clients for more than a decade and it WORKS. With a unique blend of structured content, consulting and coaching, you will have a personal guide throughout the entire process. That way, you are able to complete the program with absolute confidence in your authentic brand platform and will be eager to broadcast your brilliance with a personal PR Plan designed for YOU.  

Leaders Often Get Sidelined Because...


They don’t use their talents to create authentic, powerful leadership.


They don’t know their economic value.


They don’t build social capital.  

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You Can Have Your Cake NOW!

This really is the perfect time to put strategic focus on your career and Brand Your Brilliance is the complete, focused coaching program that will help you do it with ease. Stop wondering if you've topped out. Stop stressing who ELSE is a contender for the job you want. Stop feeling DEVALUED because you've been passed over again. You already have what it takes to be a unique and brilliant leader. Don't wait any longer to create and obtain the career of your dreams and the stress-free life that comes along with living in a cycle of competence. With Brand Your Brilliance, you will leverage your talents to deliver your greatest value and create a magnetizing impact. It's time.  

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